The old farmhouse

The old eighteenth-century stone farmhouse, renovated in 2010 and located in a panoramic position on the hill, is the heart of our farm and now offers guests the authentic feeling of the country house where stories of life, love and farming have unfolded for centuries. We have always loved this land and we have been passionately committed over the years to safeguarding and enhancing it, by creating links between our work and traditions, history and nature.
For this reason, while renovating the farmhouse, we preserved the original features of the building by using simple materials that convey warmth and are typical of rural houses in this area: slightly amber-coloured stone found in the fields, poplar and oak wood, iron and terracotta.

The farmhouse is part of the farm originally called “Cerreto”, probably because there are many Quercus Cerris trees in the area, and it is listed in the publication “Historical Settlement and Cultural Heritage: The Municipality of Quattro Castella”, edited by Walter Baricchi, which states: “The settlement is shown in old land maps from the beginning of 800 and probably dates back to the eighteenth century.”


The premises

The farm still includes the original premises: the old barn (220 sqm), the old stable (135 sqm), “Porta Morta” (Dead Door), the granary, the master bedrooms, the small rooms and the open barn, which can be used in all seasons thanks to the air conditioning and the natural ventilation. The courtyard, the farmyard in terracotta tiles and the garden, which includes a small botanic garden, immerse visitors in the original atmosphere of the country house.

The large rooms overlooking the garden and the farmyard make the farmhouse of Park Montebello a functional location for events and weddings, as the indoor and outdoor spaces can be set up according to different customized solutions, while the large garden, the silence and contact with nature make it ideal for a relaxing stay.