Montebello Park

Montebello Park covers over 120 hectares of meadows, woods, “calanchi” (ravines) and streams and lies within the historic territory once ruled by Matilda of Canossa, just a few kilometres from Reggio Emilia, Parma and motorway junctions.

 The eighteenth-century stone farmhouse enjoys a panoramic view from the top of its hill and all the farm’s produce has been certified as organic since 1996.

 The building has been restored to its original appearance using traditional materials. The rooms and outer areas have been converted to render them ideally suited for weddings, corporate events and courses and so as to provide a wide range of options in sleeping accommodation.

 We have always loved this land and over the years, we have worked to preserve and enhance its characteristics, while always seeking to reinforce the link with local traditions, history and the natural environment.

 We organize environment-friendly events for families, children and school groups, in which they can explore the area, learn about farming practices and enjoy food and wine tasting trips around Matilda’s ancestral castle. Then there are organic cooking courses, activities investigating the link between eating and health and courses on the identification, cultivation and use of herbs.

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